Reminisce and getting ready to jet Set across the ocean.

Time has come fast in our family, as we prepare for our next adventure overseas.

It has not been easy organising this holiday and the money I have spent so far has been more than I would spend normally on our holidays. I saw this as an opportunity to do something with my family and life is so short.

Ever two years or so I try to organise a oversea adventure. 2012 we organise a New Zealand holiday when Charlotte was 5 and Jensen was 4. It was a pretty good holiday. Andrew spent his birthday in another country. He will say that he didn’t enjoy it. I took him to a museum that use to be  a Psychiatric hospital. It was very interesting and spooking going down under where the baths still today exist. The hot springs go through to the baths. I won’t go into more detail.  Great place to visit and find the history.

This is where the preparation for the NZ holiday was massive. I bought books that were about traveling on a plane. I had a special DVD on etiquette on a plane. We visited the local airport to watch a plane take off and a plane touch down. I talked about the long wait for the plane and how we would have to wake up early.

I made sure our seats where separate, Andrew sat with Jensen and I sat with Charlotte. It worked really well for us as a family. No meltdowns just a lot of excitement.

The trip to NZ was also only three hours.

This time we are looking about 16 hours  to LAX plus how many hours in the custom line.

This trip will be  one of the biggest challenges for us as a family. I look forward to sharing our experience and our happy times.

Jensen has probably got worse over time since the first time we went overseas. This is something that I have had to prepare for a few months a go leading up to the holiday.

I discovered while completing our Visas, the transportation securities administrators, The website was amazing, it could give me all the information I needed to travel on the plane and prior to arriving. We are very prepared  by reading this website. I discovered a card that we can give to help with our journey in customs. This will be something I will be reviewing once we arrive at the airport. I have bought books from Amazon on planes and the sounds he may hear. the rides we will be experiencing and the long waits we will be having while boarding our plane.

With all my research and planning I have done for this trip I still don’t feel prepared as much as New Zealand.

When facing anxieties in my family I have to keep things together. Once I think they are settled I can have my moment if I need to. Sometimes I have to say my moments could be less agressive in my mind but when I explode, I explode and need time out. Some of the places I have picked are in mind for myself to have time out. What Time out I say. Well I tried to plan this when we went on our cruise and it didn’t work out. Most of the time I was getting Jensen out of kids club because he was kicked out for the day or kicked out completely because they couldnt handle him.  So this is going to be something I am pushing for while I spend fours and half weeks with my family. I figure if they don’t get the message I could always go for a walk and let Andrew deal with it.  MMM I hope Andrew doesn’t think I am selfish.

The photos above are a mixture of New Zealand and our Cruise.

One of the photos that has stuck out for me is wearing sunscreen while we are away.    We went on a dolphin cruise in New Zealand and Andrew’s picture just is a good reminder on why we wear sunscreen on a regular basis. Both my children are not great at wearing sunscreen for different reasons. I have to make sure it is applied very regularly to prevent anything sunburn like Andrew and especially Jensen who blisters if he sees sunlight. Normally I am able to carry a big tub of it  while we go camping and other trips  but this time I have to be smart on how much we take with us due to our luggage restriction.

The middle photos happen to be when Andrew went bungee jumping and the kids both wanted to Bungee too, they made their own up by using bean bags. I thought that was very cleaver and one day I will take them back over to Bungee if they like. by then they may have developed fear. I can not see Jensen developing this at all when he seeks height and climbs trees all the time.

Moments with Jensen

I have tried to make sure I have social stories for the kids before they have moments.

Disneyland and Disneyworld seem to be really well equipped with helping families like us to have the most enjoyable time. I printed off a sheet which had sensory issues mapped out and what rides had 5 sense. They also have so much resources you just need to work out how to use it. I had to look deep to get to this section and I don’t think a lot of people are aware. I think there are a lot of travel agents out there that are not aware of the different things that can be offered for children and people with disabilities.

This is probably one of the main reasons why we are going to the USA with the family. They are more advance with people on the spectrum and any other problems. There are places  able to help accommodate with our needs as a family.

I found a moment that was a positive moment that I had forgotten about I really wanted to share this with people. This is the moments I want to remember than the meltdowns that can just really tear my heart apart.

I know when we are visiting all the attractions we will be making more memories just like this one.

Before I finish I will  be posting other ideas that help with our trip as we go through our holiday.

I can only hope for the next week I will be as prepared as I can be and enjoy our 4 1/2 week holiday. I can only wish anxieties will not  come to visit too much next week while working and preparing for the biggest adventure for the Cronks.

Signing off

Liz 🙂