Food vs. behaviour

For years I have looked at fail-safe for my children, sadly I have been lacking about the food intolerance because there has been so much going on that trying to keep up on one thing when in survival mode instead of going back to basics. We have had too much-processed food and maybe too much takeaway.  We need to eat like our grandmother ate not all this easy eating food.

We are now going back to the basics of eating for our children. A few years ago I hear of the fed up book and I wanted to hear more about this website and what it was all about.

I bought the book and DVD and went on our journey to eliminate food by going back to plain rice and bland food. I would have to say this was one of the hardest challenges for our family. Nor did my husband support me on this decision.  It was a really hard time and I probably didn’t pick the right time with this change.

After we started we notice a difference in mood and emotions for the better. For the first month, it was like they were withdrawing from sugar.

I started to introduce food back into their diet and my son loves strawberries. I thought I would give them ago.  I gave him about 5 each day and at this point, I wasn’t noticing anything different. I thought he could have them without any problems until the teacher approached me and said have you taken your son off medications. My answer was no. Well, the teacher then continues to tell me that he has been very upset and crying a lot to get really angry. I left it for about a week still giving him strawberries because they were so cheap and I thought this is a great snack for him.

Then I was reminded that I had been giving strawberries to my son for the last 2 weeks and they were high in salicylates. Once I took him off within 3 days he had return back to a normal mood and behaviour. As a family, we decided that he could have strawberries mainly on school holidays and as an occasional food like for his birthday.

This was in 2013 and now we are in 2017 I need to look at going back to basic food again to help detox my family and start the diet again to see if this helps with my sons and daughters overall mood and behaviour.

We bought a Theromix to make our food from scratch and help lessen the preservatives and additives in the children’s diet. I will be keeping a diary this time on the detox and introducing foods back into the children’s diet. It may be more challenging because the children are older and are more likely to refuse. As parents, we can only try to help make this easier and better for their concentration and learning.

If you haven’t heard this approach before and are interested in learning more. I would visit Sue Dengate’s website I would also let your GP and specialist know you may be doing this diet because you should have a health profession keep an eye on any other medical conditions or complications.

RPA in Sydney also has a clinic which has a huge waiting list. Also has the elimination diet to help with allergies and skins issues.

Below are from Sue Dengate’s website as a quick reference.

How to start failsafe eating – Food Intolerance NetworkShort failsafe shopping list with links to more detail – Food Intolerance Network

There is a facebook page as well if you would like to be part of this to have ideas and recipes.

This is a start to a positive change for our family.