Short weekend of Camping

I planned a weekend away with my friends and my family.

We were off to Brigadoon holiday park, Laurieton. We left late friday afternoon and arrive to set up our camp area before it became dark.

We set up pretty quickly to go out for dinner, all went really smoothly considering the day we had with Jensen.  We order our dinner, Jensen only wanted a vanilla milkshake. Well they had every flavour expect Vanilla. I asked if they had Vanilla Essence? The young lady said “they didn’t even have Vanilla Essence”. Hoping Jensen would not be fussy over the milkshake.

The young lady brought Jensen milkshake over and he started drinking. I didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t say anything back, he was able to drink most of it. Thank goodness for ice cream to help flavour. Jensen decided he was hungry and he wanted wedges. We order wedges and the Chef was very understanding, considering they were closing the kitchen. Jensen had three wedges to then say he was full.

When Jensen wants to go home or leave the place we are at. It becomes a instant moment without any reasoning. This becomes hard when we tell Jensen that we have to wait for others to finish their meal.Eg His sister Charlotte who is extremely slow as a sloth.

 To help calm Jensen, we took him to find pokemon while the other family took charlotte back to camping area. This was great because it gave us time to calm Jensen down and get him ready for bed. Knowing Jensen like we do, he is not the easiest person to get to sleep.

We arrive at our campsite to try and get him into the tent. Well the tent was too hot, the bed was not made properly the way he likes it, he couldnt sleep because we were too noisy. Jensen again did a lot of screaming until we finally got him to settle down and sleep.

 To have a beautiful night talking away and giggling a lot was probably my highlight for the weekend. I don’t think I have giggled like that for sometime. I didn’t retire to bed until around midnight boy that was a great night and I was happy to be woken up early when the kids woke up, knowing that it was successful for the adults. I do not know like to drink alcohol and a lot of people know that this is something I rarely do. Moscato you are really sweet and refreshing to drink. I had two classes this was a enough for me to giggle for most of the night. The poor neighbours hearing us just talking and then hearing giggles from both my friend and myself.

Saturday Morning the forecast was predicted to be in the high 30’s to 45ºc. Our plan as a group was to stay cool for most of the day.

Andrew went off to work for the morning while we woke up Saturday morning to head off for breakfast at the Sandbar in North Haven. We enjoyed our breakfast to then go back to the park for a nice swim in their pool. The pool was really set out well for young families and older children. It fitted a few people in and I just loved the waterfall on my back.

For the first time I was able to relax, enjoy and not worry too much. Both kids were playing nicely. We spent some time in the pool hence the slight redness to my arms. Even when we slip slop slap every hour. Jensen was the only one that didn’t get burnt.

Andrew decided he needed more sleep and just some time to himself, he thought going back home would be the best choice. By the time we finish at the pool around 2pm, we decided to go to coles to buy some food for dinner and get some snacks.

This is were the main fun began.  Jensen has to do the same routine when he arrives at the shopping centre. Sit in the trolley while I walk around getting the items we need. Jensen started screaming in the shop, Swearing and screaming louder and louder at Charlotte. He  starts to get into a loop it is really hard to get him out of this without calming strategies.  We had the manager approach us while in the aisle. He didn’t say anything to me just straight to Jensen to let him know everyone can hear him and he needs to calm down his voice. I said to him ” Jensen has ASD good luck”. The manager apologised, understood and walked away. Shortly after we were in the next aisle looking at the items. The manager walked back up to us and gave cold water with chocolates. He also said ” you are doing an amazing job.” I thanked him and gave Jensen the water. My friend arrive! this was a massive help. She was able to get most of the items we needed and just stay calm with the situation that was happening with Jensen. He was in the best challenging mood I have seen for a while. He was very destructive if I was close to any shelves. At this point I was not sure why he was in such a mood.

Jensen found his interest cookies and cream ice cream. We  bought lifesavers for all the kids after dinner as a treat but Jensen didn’t want the lifesavers he wanted cookies and cream. He ran away to get the cookies and cream. not just once but twice until we left to get in the car. I realise that his behaviour was partly from his medication. I didn’t give him his second dose simply because I forgot that was a big mistake for me, first time I was enjoying myself which I lost the time of day. Once I gave him his second dose he finally calmed down within the hour.

Our other friends arrive to have dinner with us and Jensen just loved them being there. He relates really well with these boys. They went on an adventure, thinking they were looking at the park instead they found fishing rods and were fishing with someone else’s bait. They did ask if they could use them. Thank goodness, the young boys who owned them were very good about it.

They caught a fish. Jensen came over to the campsite wanting a plastic bag to put the fish in. We decided to go over and see what they were up to. From what Jensen told me it was a massive fish we needed to keep it. When we saw how big the fish was it was time to let it go. This is when I waiting for Jensen to have a moment and instead he left to go swimming, Pweh no melt down.

We we needed to start dinner because everyone was getting hungry. I cooked in the camp kitchen. What a great facility for campers.  We were able to cook and eat there, the kids had dessert of the lifesavers except Jensen. While he ate his other ice cream I bought for him he decided that he was too full and gave it to me to eat. HAHA He had only eaten two small bites. The downfall of the medication, the lack of appetite.

In the camp kitchen there was a massive LED TV, Superman was on perfect for Jensen. Even though we were camping I was really happy for him just to chill and watch superman.

I cleaned up our mess, got ready for bed and sorted Charlotte out. He went to bed without too much fussy. What this never happens what has happen.?

I was so tired from the massive day and very little sleep the night before that I went to bed really early. Party pooper!

It was such a great night sleeping with a light breeze, tent windows open. Felt so comfortable until charlotte woke up and tells me she is shutting the windows because she is cold. Well that is when it became really hot in the tent. I had Jensen curled up with me and all I could think of “I am better of sleeping outside”. I eventually get back to sleep to wake up around 8:30 it was a lovely sleep in. The weather was starting to really heat up. The forecast for the day was 45º, it was really important to get our tent packed and head home for the air con.

Boy the temperature was a bit warm. My friends had already packed up their gear and tent. While I was still waking up, I notice the little cereal packets had been open. The nutragrain and coco pops had been eaten. All I could think of  was Jensen and what am I going to feed him now they have been eaten. Charlotte had gone on a walk and she arrived back. I asked her where are the cereal packets were. She let me know that she had eaten the coco pops and nutragrain . Well I had to keep this away from Jensen if he knew what had happen this could have been a massive meltdown and serious injury to Charlotte.

Thank goodness he wanted to just watch Tv and chill. We went for a quick swim and then packed up the rest of the gear. Thank goodness for cafes. We went to the Oasis in North Haven. It was beautiful breakfast. I truly enjoyed having my last breakfast with my friends who tolerated a lot from my family.

We left North Haven and travelled home. It was a lot quicker to unpack the car than packing it up.

I drove home to a beautiful cold house. Between Andrew and I we unpacked the car for the next adventure. First thing Jensen wanted to do was watch Jurassic park. I was so buggered I ended up  falling asleep for a couple of hours.

I can say I survived the mini trip. I really would like to do it again another time. Maybe Andrew will be able to stay for this one. I also know what I need to bring without bring extra for a short weekend. Thinking very basic and easy to have short trips away from the mundane of the house.

We are so very lucky to have a beautiful area that we can camp and explore.

A massive thank you to my friends who were very understand and tolerable to the situation. It does make a difference when you have people to support and help through the experience.  Acceptance is a very important part as well. I think I saw a side of my friend that made me cherish my friendship with her even more.