Melting Moment

I thought I could write each week on different things I have learnt or an issue where I could work out how to sort it out.

Well it has been nearly a month since I introduced myself. So much has happened in my life that I can only share the things I remember more recently than a few weeks ago.

I am planning many adventures throughout the year. One big adventure is taking my family to the USA. I am really looking forward to the travel. I can only hope my two children will enjoy the moments as well.

I have been madly trying to get all the paperwork in order so we can apply for our Visa’s.

I am doing research on planes, when I can talk to my son on preparing him for the flight. We will know a lot about planes. How will 14 hours look like for us on the plane?

How do we prepare Aspie kids on going for a massive flight? I have come up with some options.

Ipad for each child, with backup battery if need be

Find out what movies will be on when flying to be prepared.

Organise digital movies for the Ipad.

I have requested that we sit separately on the plane, I will look after our daughter and my Husband will look after our son.

I am really trying not to worry too much about different aspects of this holidays unless it arises.

It is so important to be prepare for this journey normally, but I need to prepare if we have a meltdown, if our son gets on a bus and can not get off with his words.

My Son has broken his hand, I went shopping to get some things for a BBQ. The whole time I was shopping he was having a massive moment. I had one man just say to me oh he is having a hard day. My Son replied with very colourful words you ugly man. That was a hard moment for me. I had to calm my son and also a man who didn’t need to say anything at all.

This older man came up to me and said ” you are doing an amazing job with your son, you should be proud.” I didn’t know what to say. He just walked off. I really wanted to thank the man because he seem to know what I was going through in the shop.

My son continued to have his moment throughout the whole time we were shopping and when we arrive to the car.

The older man came passed me. I said “Thank you for your kinds words before, that meant a lot.” Well he then said to me. “I have a son with Autism” Well that made me feel really special that he acknowledge me. I felt good for a short moment before My son went for round 3.

After the whole afternoon and we were eating dinner, I worked out why he was behaviouring so badly. He was in pain with his hand. He really found it hard to communicate with me over this until we got home and he pull the Cast off his arm. I would think it would have hurt to get it off.

He actually hid the fact he did this until I was wondering why he was putting his bad arm under a pillow. Once we realised what had happen, I had to take him back up to hospital to get another back slab back on.

This time my son was having a massive moment when he got out of the car. He thought he was going to see the same person again who just did his arm knowing he would hurt him.

He tried to run away many times and we were lucky to be put into a nice room where he could just rest until the doctor came to see him.

The doctor we saw was lovely his name was Dr Dan, He was able to explain everything to the point that my son was happy to have his back slab put back on. My son actually told Dr Dan that the lady put it on hurt him and didn’t feel so right. He was in pain.

Once we were done we left the hospital and went straight home. He got into his bed and basically went to sleep.

My Adventures with my family are never dull. There is always something going on.

While we are traveling I can only be the best prepared mum I can for whatever I am going to face when we leave for the USA.

By the time we are ready my son will be out of his cast and feeling much better to go.

I am hoping I will get my head around the whole traveling to the USA.

Feature photo is my son with no fear while on his camp.