Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world!

Many years I have been wanting to write a blog about different parts of my life.

I am a person who likes to educate and help other people all the time. My Job in life is Nursing. I love networking and sharing with other people.

I am married and a mum of two children. A tween girl named Charlotte (10) and a Boy named Jensen. (9).

My life with my children and husband can be challenging at times as any family life.

I would like to use this blog for education, information, and  to show humour to help other families.

Families might be going through the process on having their child diagnosed with additional needs. I can help in someway. The process is massive and emotionally draining.

I love traveling all over Australia and the world.

I want to share my story with you.

I will try weekly to post different information as I find them and network. Information should not be secretive nor should it be abused.

Please be respectful, Be honest, be Kind and don’t forget to love.

Serendipity in my life and this is why I love the word and meaning.

See you for now

Liz 🙂